An Introduction to Mu’hammadia Jaami’ah Shareef Madrasa

Assalamu ‘Alaikum

Dear Brothers!

Today you shall learn about a unique Islamic Institute in the world named Mu’hammadia Jaami’ah Shareef Madrasa, Orphanage and Lillah Boarding. Basically, this institute engages in such national and international activities on the basis of the sacred Qur’an Shareef and the sacred Sunnah Shareef which is rare in any other organization. I am sure you would be amazed to watch this video, because while Muslims all over the world is being persecuted, this institute has come forward for saving the Muslim. Sub’haan Allah!

The institute is named after the most sacred name of Noor-e-Mujassam ‘Habeebullah ‘Hu’dur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam. The name is Mu’hammadia Jaamia Shareef.

This is the only institute where Persuading ‘Ilm of Tasauwoof besides ‘Ilm of Fiqh based on the sacred Qur’an Shareef, sacred ‘Hadees Shareef, sacred Ijma Shareef and sacred Qiyas Shareef and the overall Aqeedah of Ahle Sunnah wal Jama’at is mandatory with an aim to become true Allahwala.

Not only limited to books, rather the pupils are remarkably arrayed from top of the head to the tip of the toe in the complete essence of sacred Sunnah Shareef.

Their overall ‘Aamal is strictly prescribed and monitored all the time, like performing Tahajjud Swalaat is manadatory for everyone.

There are ample teaching and learning facilities for the pupils from the essential degree up to the highest degree covering an international syllabus in five different languages (Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Bangla and English).

An advanced balanced diet is maintained for ensuring pupil’s good health.

Pupils of this institute is free from all kinds of unislamic activities like fundamentalism, terrorism, hartal, burning the sacred Qur’an Shareef in the name of saving Islam, destroying lives and properties, burning effigies, blacklisted organisations or grouping etc. Calling eachother in the highest possible manner is a condition for the pupils. Caning, fighting is completely banned. These are some of the many reasons due to which their thinking, knowledge, interest, brain and mind is free from conventional unislamic evil diseasese and practices.

The girl’s section is completely separate. Every faculty and staff in the girl’s secton is female. Even a 5 years old boy cannot enter the girl’s section. Everyone, boys and girls, has to maintain complete Purdah (Veil) according to Islamic Shariah.

Moreover, this institute features some unique qualities which are rare in any other institutes.

  1.  ‘Ilm-Research:  the Mu’hammadia Jaami’ah Shareef Research Centre:Numerous essential evidence based books are regularly being published from the research center. Hundreds of researchers are regularly researching on these books. Besides, separate research works are being conducted on science and history, Bangla language, literature and culture on regular basis.
  1. Online research and writing:There are a number of fact-based websites and news portals being run by Mu’hammadia Jaami’ah Shareef.
  1. Large central library and Baitul Hikmah (House of knowledge) in every household:There is an enormous collection of very rare and expensive books worth tens of millions of Taka in the central library of this institute. Besides, Baitul Hikmah (House of knowledge) is being established in every household which was once the Muslim’s locus of imparting knowledge in Baghdad.
  1. Aim to establish tens of millions of Masjids, Madrasas and research centers worldwide:A mission to establish tens of millions of Masjids, Madrasas and related institutes under the supervision of Mu’hammadia Jaami’a Shareef is being carried on.
  1. worldwide Anjuman-e-Al Baiyinaat Majlish:There are arrangements to impart not only the classroom-bound lessons but provisions for children as well as adults for imparting ‘Ilm (education) by establishing millions of Masjid, Madrasa and Research Centres worldwide through a ‘Readers’ Forum’ called “Anjuman-e-Al Baiyinaat” Majlish.
  2. International Group for Scientific Research Cooperation (IGSRC):IGSRC is working for promoting the contribution of Muslims in Science in order to cure the inferiority complex of Muslims and restore their glory of scientific innovation.
  1. Tahzeeb-Tamuddun (Islamic Culture) Division and Ruiyatil Hilal Majlish:They produce Hamd-Naat-QaseedahShareef, Waaj (speech) Shareef and recitation of sacred Qur’an Shareef etc. They also promote it by arranging audio-visual exhibition and Sama session with an aim to the uproot the evil culture of Kaafirs and Mushriqs (Infidels and polytheists).

Ruiyatil Hilal Majlish conducts vigorous research on moon sighting.

  1.  Al-Mutma’innah Mother and Child Hospital:This is a unique organization in the world which maintains perfectPurdah according to Islamic Shariah where female patients are treated exclusively by female doctors, nurses and other female staff.
  1. Canteen Shareef:This organization (Canteen) is working toward marketing pure domestic products in place of the products of the Kaafirs and Mushriqs (Infidels and polytheists) and to ensure 100% pure unadulterated organic food items free of GMO toxin.
  2. Muslims’ Rights Forum (MRF):This is the legal wing of Mu’hammadia Jaami’ah Shareef Madrasa, Orphanage and Lillah Boarding. It works for the Muslims at home and abroad on legal matters. Some instances are:

(A) Writ petition for preventing an unethical website that speaks against the honor and dignity of Noor-e-Mujassam, ‘Habeebullah, ‘Hu’dur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam.

(B) Taking legal actions against the dropping of Islam as State religion in Bangladesh

(C) Writ petition on removing the statue of a so-called Greek goddess in front of the High Court

(D) Writ petition against hoisting foreign flags in Bangladesh in connection with World Cup Football

There have been, so far, hundreds of instances that MRF has taken legal actions for the right of Muslims.

  1. Sunnah promotion center:Sunnah Promotion Centre strives provides all the products which one requires from birth to death and from top of head to tip of toe in light of the sacred Sunnah Shareef. Also an initiative to establish worldwide Sunnah Promotion Center is being carried on.
  1. everlasting Saiyidul A’yaad Shareef and Meelaad Shareef in billion voices:The sacred Saiyidul A’yaad Shareef Mahfil has been proclaimed for eternal time to come in honor of Noor-e-Mujassam, ‘Habeebullah, ‘Hu’dur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam.  Moreover, in the honor of the sacred 12th Rwabiul Awwal Shareef, there has established a special program named “Meelaad Shareef in billion voices”, summoning all the Muslims of the whole world at a particular moment and reciting sacred Meelaad Shareef together in billion voices.

Please do come once to Mu’hammadia Jaami’ah Shareef Madrasa, Orphanage and Lillah Boarding to see for yourself. Come and have a look at the central campus of this institute. It is situated at Rajarbag, just opposite to the 3rd gate of Rajarbag Police lines in Dhaka. Do have a closer look on how this center is working relentlessly for reviving the lost traditions and customs, moreover, the bold existence of Muslims.

Allah Pak Sub’hanahu wa Ta’aala says, “Assist in righteousness and piety works; never assist in sins and disobedience.” (Sacred Sura Al Ma’idah, sacred Ayat Shareef 02) It implies that Allah Pak Rwabbul ‘Alameen orders us to assist in noble mission.

You can also become a part of the virtuous mission that is being conducted by Mu’hammadia Jaami’ah Shareef Madrasa, Orphanage and Lillah Boarding through paying your Zakat, Fitrah, Ushr and other donations.

You can pay your Zakat, Fitrah, Ushr and other donations in the addresses on the screen.

Sonali bank Ltd. Malibagh Branch
Mu’hammadia Jaami’a Shareef Madrasa & Orphanage
A/C. No. 200007569 
Bkash (personal): 01718740742
DBBL Mobile Banking: 017187407422
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