The sacred Tahajjud prayer (swalat) is not Qeeamul Layeem.

 From the beginnig of the sacred Rwamadan Shareef the group of dope fool people say that the sacred tahajjud prayer (swalat) is called Qeeamul Layeem. So, they say (perform) the tahajjud prayer (swalat) with together in Jamat which is makruh tahrimi and bidyate saiyeah. Actually the Qeeamul Layeem is the swalat of tarwabih.

It is mentioned in the sacred Hadees Shareef, Noor-e Mujassam Habeebullah Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam says that Allah Pak Subhanuh Ta’aalaa has done compulsory (Faraz) for us to keep Saom and say prayer (swalat) of the Qeeamul Layeem (Swalat of tarwabih) in the whole Rwamadan Shareef. Here Saom is compulsory (Faraz) for us and Qeeamul Layeem is Sunnat.

In this Hadees Shareef it is mentioned that tahajjud swalat is not Qeeamul Layeem rather it is the Swalat of tarwabih. It will be wrong and amiss to judge it as the  Qeeamul Layeem. The people who will tell it Qeeamul Layeem and say (pray) the Swalat in jamat they are not include to Islam.


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